Open Rails Diesel Locomotive Standard Physics Parameters

Aim - this section describes the basic standard physics parameters required to correctly define a diesel locomotive in Open Rails Train Simulator. For advanced physics parameters see the Advanced Diesel Setting Parameters.

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General Information

Diesel Prime Mover (Engine)

Traction Motor

Gear Box

Diesel Exhaust Effects

Note: The default unit of measure (UoM) shown in the "Recommended Input Units" column is the UoM value that OR assumes if no UoM is included in the parameter statement.

ParameterENG or WAGDescriptionRecommended Input UnitsSuggested settingsNew or ExistingTypical Examples
General Information
Type ( x )ENGThe type of locomotive.TextAs per loco specs.
Can be either:
Diesel, Steam, Electric or Control
ExistingType ( Diesel )
WheelRadius ( x )ENGRadius of drive wheelsDistance - m, cm, mm, km, in, ft, in/2
Default - m
As per loco specsExistingWheelRadius ( 0.648m )
WheelRadius ( 36in )
ORTSNumberDriveAxles ( x )ENGNumber of driven axles on the locomotive.NumberAs per locomotive SpecsNewORTSNumberDriveAxles ( 4 )
ORTSNumberAxles ( x )WAGNumber of axles on the wagon.NumberAs per wagon SpecsNewORTSNumberAxles ( 4 )
ORTSDriveWheelWeight ( x )ENGTotal weight on the drive wheels of the locomotive.Mass - lbs, kg, t, t-uk, t-us
Default - kg
As per loco specs.ExistingORTSDriveWheelWeight ( 109.5t-uk )
AntiSlip ( x )ENGIndicates whether antislip system is present.FactorAs per loco specs.
0 = no antislip, 1 = antislip
ExistingAntiSlip ( 0 )
ORTSWheelSlipCausesThrottleDown ( x )ENG / ORTSIndicates antislip system should automatically reduce the throttle setting to zero if wheel slip occurs.FactorAs per loco specs.
0 = no throttle down, 1 = throttledown
NewORTSWheelSlipCausesThrottleDown ( 1 )
Diesel Prime Mover (Engine)
ORTSDieselEngineMaxPower ( x )ENGThe maximum power of the diesel prime mover (engine).Power - W, kW, HP
Default - W
As per loco specs.NewORTSDieselEngineMaxPower ( 2000hp )
MaxDieselLevel ( x )ENGThe maximum amount of diesel fuel the locomotive can carry.Volume - ft^3, in^3, m^3, l, g-uk, g-us, gal, gals
Default - l
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxDieselLevel( 1180g-uk )
MaxTemperature ( x )ENGThe maximum oil temperature that will be displayed.Temperature Difference - degC, degF
Default - degC
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxTemperature ( 120degF )
MaxOilPressure ( x )ENGThe maximum oil pressure. This occurs at maximum engine rpm.Pressure - psi, kPa, bar, inHg
Default - psi
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxOilPressure ( 90 )
DieselUsedPerHourAtMaxPower ( x )ENGThe amount of diesel used per hour when the locomotive is at maximum power.Volume - ft^3, in^3, m^3, l, g-uk, g-us, gal, gals
Default - l
As per loco specs.ExistingDieselUsedPerHourAtMaxPower ( 53.45g-uk )
DieselUsedPerHourAtIdle ( x )ENGThe amount of diesel used per hour when the locomotive is at idle.Volume - ft^3, in^3, m^3, l, g-uk, g-us, gal, gals
Default - l
As per loco specs.ExistingDieselUsedPerHourAtIdle ( 10g-uk )
DieselEngineIdleRPM ( x )ENGThe RPM at which the diesel engine idles.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselEngineIdleRPM( 450 )
DieselEngineMaxRPM ( x )ENGThe maximum RPM of the diesel engine.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselEngineMaxRPM( 850 )
DieselEngineMaxRPMChangeRate ( x )ENGThe maximum rate that the engine RPM can change in one second.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselEngineMaxRPMChangeRate( 40 )
Traction Motor
MaxPower ( x )ENGThe maximum power output of the locomotive to the rail.Power - W, kW, HP
Default - W
As per loco specs. (Can be calculated from MaxContinuousForce and the speed at whiuch it occurs)ExistingMaxPower ( 1295kW )
MaxForce ( x )ENGThe maximum force (tractive effort) that the locomotive can safely produce. Typically this is limited by the locomotive adhesion or motor overloads, and is ususally the starting force that the locomotive produces.Force - N, kN, lbf, lb
Default - N
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxForce ( 222.411kN )
MaxVelocity ( x )ENGThe maximum velocity of the locomotive. Typically limited by the mechanical design criteria of the locomotive.Speed - m/s, mph, kph, km/h, kmph, kmh
Default - m/s
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxVelocity ( 90mph )
MaxContinuousForce ( x )ENGThe maximum force the locomotive can continuously produce.Force - N, kN, lbf, lb
Default - N
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxContinuousForce ( 133.446kN )
ORTSSpeedOfMaxContinuousForce ( x )ENGThe speed when maximum continuous force is produced.Speed - m/s, mph, kph, km/h, kmph, kmh
Default - m/s
As per loco specs.NewORTSSpeedOfMaxContinuousForce ( 11mph )
MaxCurrent ( x )ENGThe maximum current the locomotive can produce.Current - A, Amps
Default - A
As per loco specs.ExistingMaxCurrent ( 2600A )
Diesel Exhaust Effects
DieselSmokeEffectInitialMagnitude( x )ENGThe initial magnitude the smoke effect.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselSmokeEffectInitialMagnitude( 1.7 )
DieselSmokeEffectMaxMagnitude( x )ENGThe maximum magnitude the smoke effect will reach.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselSmokeEffectMaxMagnitude( 2.2 )
DieselSmokeEffectInitialSmokeRate( x )ENGThe initial rate at which smoke will be produced.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselSmokeEffectInitialSmokeRate( 0.2 )
DieselSmokeEffectMaxSmokeRate ( x )ENGThe maximum rate at which smoke will be produced.NoneAs per loco specs.ExistingDieselSmokeEffectMaxSmokeRate( 10 )
Gear Box
ORTSDieselTransmissionType ( Mechanic )ENGThe type of transmission on the locomotive.Text
Only "Mechanic" supported
As per loco specs.NewORTSDieselTransmissionType ( Mechanic )
ORTSGearBoxTypeENGThe type of gearbox used.Text
A - gives a continuous power output that is not interrupted when changing gears.
B - there is a break in tractive effort when changing gear, but there is no need to adjust the throttle.
As per loco specs.NewORTSGearBoxType ( B )
ORTSMainClutchTypeENGThe type of clutch used.Text
Friction, Fluid, Scoop
As per loco specs.NewORTSMainClutchType ( Friction )
ORTSDieselEngineGovernorRpMENGThe engine rpm when the governor takes effect.NoneAs per loco specs.NewORTSDieselEngineGovernorRpM ( 1500 )
ORTSGearBoxFreeWheelENGIndicates whether a freewheel arrangement is fitted to the transmission.0 - Disabled,
1 - Enabled
As per loco specs.NewORTSGearBoxFreeWheel ( 1 )
GearBoxOperationENGIndicates type of gearbox operation.Text
Manual, Automatic
As per loco specs.NewGearBoxOperation( Manual )
GearBoxNumberOfGears( 6 )ENGThe number of gearbox gears.IntegerAs per loco specs.ExistingGearBoxNumberOfGears( 6 )
GearBoxMaxSpeedForGearsENGThe maximum speed that each gear can achieve.Speed - m/s, mph, kph, km/h, kmph, kmh
Default - m/s
As per loco specs.ExistingGearBoxMaxSpeedForGears( 4.5mph 6mph 9mph 14.5mph 21mph 33mph )
ORTSGearBoxTractiveForceatSpeedENGThe tractive force achieved at the speed indicated by the parameter above.Force - N, kN, lbf, lb
Default - N/td>
As per loco specs.NewORTSGearBoxTractiveForceatSpeed ( 35400lbf 26600lbf 17700lbf 11200lbf 7600lbf 4830lbf )
GearBoxMaxTractiveForceforGearsENGThe maximum tractive force for the current gear.
Note: it is better to use the above parameter wherever possible, as this is linked to a speed value.
Force - N, kN, lbf, lb
Default - N/td>
As per loco specs.Existing GearBoxMaxTractiveForceforGears ( 35400lbf 26600lbf 17700lbf 11200lbf 7600lbf 4830lbf )