Activities from previous versions may not work with V7. Activities will be rebuilt over time to work with V7 and replaced here. If you have problems with a particular activity contact me through the Contact page.

Activity Creation

If you wish to have a go at creating your own activities, check out the Activity Creation document below. If you wish to share your activity with fellow "Simmers", then contact me via the contact page. Alternatively if you wish to provide any feedback on the document then use the same link.

Activity Creation v2

Transparent Driving Aids

A lot of the CTN activities use multiple reversing points which are difficult to see when using the default Driving Aids (F4, F8 & F9 keys). Rick Foss made a new one which has been slightly modified for CTN use and places the reversing points and point indication on the HUD display on the right hand side, which makes them easier to see. Give them a go and see what you think.

Transparent Driving Aids
Rick's Driving Aid v 1.02

Activity Installation -

To install activities:
i) Download the self-installing exe files below and double click on the file.
ii) Read the enclosed readme information.

If you experience installation or activity performance problems, check out the Coals to Newcastle FAQ page first and if you can't find a fix for your problem send all the problem details via the contact page.

**NOTE** - Some areas of the route are heavily populated with objects and therefore some users may experience performance problems, depending on their PC setups, rolling stock used, etc. This partciularly applies to the Sydney to Strathfield and Newcastle to Broadmeadow sections. Refer to the Coals to Newcastle FAQ page for further information on ways to try and improve performance.

Some of the newer activities have been built using some of the newely enabled features of MSTS Bin V1.7+. This patch also improves the performance in heavily populated areas. MSTS Bin can be downloaded from this site.