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On these pages are a number of historical and operational documents which were published by the New South Wales Government Railways Department (NSWGR - now RailCorp). These documents were issued to the puiblic and railway staff to provide relevant information on the many different aspects of operating and running the railways. These documents are copyrighted by the Rail Corporation New South Wales (RailCorp). They are only able to be viewed "on-line" as flash images.

To read the documents you will need Adobe Flash V9 or higher. Some of the documents are large and may take some time to display.

Typically the main types of documents that may be published here include:

Working Timetables - listed all train operations in a specific area, and included other information relevant to running trains.

Public Timetables - provided timetables for passenger trains for use by the public.

General Appendix - provided instructions on the general operation and running of the railways.

Local Appendix - provided specific information on railway infrastructure in specific areas. These were generally aligned to the working timetables.

Special Train Notices (STN) - provided specific information on variations to the working timetables and would include the operation of special trains.

Plans - plans of rolling stock and other railway infrastructure.

Proposed Railways - reports from the committes charged with making decisions on whther to build a railway or not.

New Stuff

11 May 2024 - Examination Series - No. 4 - 1938.

06 May 2024 - Lecture 30C - Operation of Diesel Locomotives - 1969

26 March 2024 - Working of Electric Trains - 1943.

23 April 2024 - Signalling Catechism - 1937.

14 April 2024 - Suburban Train Composition - 1957.

12 April 2024 - Locomotive Maintenance Instructions.

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Research Locations

Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC)

ARTC has current information equivalent to the above historical documents.

MTP (Master Train Plans) - is the modern version of a working timetable.

TOC (Train Operating Conditions) - has information about trains, routes and how the trains should be operated.

General Locations

These and many different other types of documents can be viewed at the following institutions:

Australian Railway Historical Society - NSW Division - holds records and information specifically relevant to NSW Railways.

NSW State Records (Rail Records) - holds records on behalf of NSW Government, including Railway records.

State Library NSW - holds a lot of general information, including some relevant to NSW Railways.

Libraries - local libraries often hold information in their local history sections on local railways.